Schedule information

Preference classes Nederlof Center

Tuesday evening:

06.45 PM – 08.00 PM

Hatha Yoga, Nederlof Center


Preference classes Karthuizerhof

Monday evening – first class:

06.30 PM – 07.45 PM

Hatha Yoga, Karthuizerhof

Monday evening – second class

08.00 PM – 09.15 PM

Hatha Yoga, Karthuizerhof**

Wednesday evening – first class:

06.30 PM – 07.45 PM

Hatha Yoga, Karthuizerhof

Wednesday evening – second class:

08.00 PM – 09.15 PM

Hatha Yoga, Karthuizerhof



Yoga & health

Do you have any specific physical ailments or otherwise? Do you take any medication as this is important to mention before you get started with yoga? Please be sure to let the teacher know, because it will be relevant during your lesson. Always keep listening to your own body and go easy on yourself if you can’t perform certain exercises. It is not the intention of yoga that you should be in pain during the practice of the asana.

Yoga & food

It is recommended to eat as light and as little as possible approximately 2 hours before you start with your practice.
You will experience more energy and you can do the practice much easier than when you just had a heavy meal. Feel the difference!

Yoga & women

Are you pregnant? Please do mention this immediately, because a pregnant body is of course reacting in a completely different way than a non-pregnant body. Certain asanas are not compatible with pregnancy. So, respect your own body and your limits.
Do you have your menstrual cycle? Listen to your body and take it a bit more slowly especially if it is during the heavy days of your period.


A little request: you will experience more concentration and focus if there is a silent atmosphere, so please switch off your mobile phone during the lessons.