How should I apply by Kosmosnous Yoga?

It is very easy to apply by Kosmosnous Yoga. Please fill in the digital application and you will be contacted very soon afterwards.

What should I wear during the yoga lessons? And what else do I need for the practice?

It is recommended to wear something comfortable. Clothing that doesn’t pinch and doesn’t interfere with the yoga practice and the meditation. Warm socks and a warm sweater or something similar is also handy to bring with you (even in the summer), because during the meditation and the final relaxation pose you are lying still and your body will cool easily.

Do I need to have any knowledge of yoga before I can get started with yoga?

No, yoga will show you the way itself. Prior knowledge of yoga is not necessary, everything goes step by step.

What is the difference between yoga and a regular workout?

A regular workout is only focused on physical improvements, goal-oriented and achieving results. Yoga is not goal-oriented and not focused on achieving results.

I have a physical limitation. Can I join yoga anyway?

You can practice yoga, with or without a physical limitation and at your own level. Every human being is different, every body is different, so don’t prevent yourself in joining the lessons. A little assimilation with, for example, a yoga prop, can already make a big difference so you can join the practice anyway.
Please keep listening to your own body and respect yourself if a certain exercise isn’t compatible.

I am not agile. Can I join the yoga anyway?

Always. It doesn’t matter if you can reach your toes or not. Yoga has nothing to do with achievements. It is your own inner journey, so please join the practice, you will do it for yourself.

Can I bring my own yoga mat and leave it behind after the practice?

Yes & no. You can always bring your own yoga mat. No, unfortunately there is no possibility to leave your yoga mat behind.

Is there a deadline to join the yoga class?

It would be appreciated if you can be present at least 5 minutes before the class gets started. Kosmosnous is by the way not very strict with deadlines, because it is understandable that due to circumstances it is not always possible to be on time.