About Kosmosnous Yoga

Kosmosnous Yoga teaches Hatha Yoga in the Nederlof Center and in the Karthuizerhof.
Charisteric for both locations is the quiet and serene atmosphere, real oasises in the city.
The Nederlof Center is a small scale spiritual center and is situated at the edge of the lovely Jordaan.
The Karthuizerhof is situated right in the middle of the Jordaan. As soon as you walk through the gate of the
previous almshouse area, you will notice that you have arrived in a very charming courtyard. This is where you will find the small yoga studio.

It is very important to Kosmosnous Yoga that all people, no exceptions, feel welcome and leave the class with a good feeling! The emphasis of the classes are on fun and relaxation as well as on a physical, mental and emotional level. The classes are suitable for people who would like to get introduced to yoga as well as for the more experienced yogi and yogini.


Kosmosnous Yoga is a professional, open and a down-to-earth yoga studio with a personal approach. The studio carries the hallmark of the professional association Yoga Teachers Netherlands (Yoga Docenten Nederland).
The classes will be taught by Hatha Yoga teacher Mieke Weiffenbach-Bak.

About Mieke

My yoga journey began more than 15 years ago due to the simple reason that I had been experiencing a lot of physical symptoms in the so-called T-zone (shoulders and neck) area. Most people who work in an office are suffering from these kinds of symptoms and unfortunately, I was no exception. The RSI aches disappeared slowly but surely due to my loyal weekly yoga practice and in the end my symptoms were totally gone. The balance returned.
In my case the deepening interest in yoga started years and years later and up to the present day I still practice yoga continuously. It has become a part of my daily life and it has already given me so much! I can only be grateful for that. After 4 years of studying yoga at the Foundation Yoga & Vedanta in Doorn I graduated as a Yoga Training Teacher in the summer of 2012. Following this I have regularly acted as a replacement yoga teacher for several well known and respected teachers. The journey continues with Kosmosnous Yoga!